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Cycling model June 2010

ESBL, ESBIGH/EUSYSBIO, the European Systems Biology Initiative:

FEBS advanced Course on Systems Biology, March 2007, Gosau, Austria

2006 Summerschool on space, time and the organization of Life

Some Systems Biology events

The new project on hierarchical regulation in time: vacancies!

Some jobs/vacancies in Systems Biology

A book on the definitions of Systems Biology and on its perspectives

BioSim: the network of Excellence on BioSimulation and Systems Biology

NucSys: Systems biology of nuclear receptors, a nutrigenomic approach to aging-related diseases

The Forward Look study of the European Science Foundation on Systems Biology

The Manchester Doctoral Training Centre on Systems Biology (open for applications) html pdf

The Manchester Center for Integrative Systems Biology (MCISB)

Institute for Systems Biology Amsterdam

2005 Symposium on the Philosophical Foundations of Systems Biology

International Alliances on Systems Biology:  E. coli, Yeast, Receptor Tyrosine Kinase networks

Systems Biology of liver cells: The German BMBF integrated program HepatoSys

Integrative Systems Biology: the UK BSSRC + EPSRC program

SYSMO: Systems Biology of MicroOrganism: a transnational research program

Top Master’s in Systems Biology; Systems Biology master

What is System Biology?

Related meetings:

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Past meetings:

Workshop on standardization at the ICSB 2004, October 10, Heidelberg

Yeast Systems Biology Network, October 14, satellite to the ICSB2004, Heidelberg

Systems Biology: Will it work? (meeting in Sheffield January 12-14, 2005) (BioChem Soc UK)

June 7, 2002 description of ESBIGH

Summary submission page of the Expression of Interest (June 6, 2002)

Expression of Interest (June 7, 2002) (pdf file)

International Conference on Systems Biology 2004: October 9 - 13, Heidelberg see 

To the journal BioComplexity

Note: the 2004 International Conference on Systems Biology will be co-organized by ESBIGH/EUSYSBIO/SBNL: 

Heidelberg October 9 – 13, 2004:


Text Box: Note: the 2004 International Conference on Systems Biology will be co-organized by ESBIGH/EUSYSBIO/SBNL:  
Heidelberg October 9 – 13, 2004: